65 Contemporary Exterior Modern Design Ideas for Home


Designing the beautiful home exterior has become the important requirement of the modern houses. It does not enhance the beauty and the value of the house but also delivers a heart-touching place for dining, relaxing and much more. You can make your house look luxurious and heart-winning with these contemporary designs. It does not matters that you desire to beautify your single story or two-story house exterior. As all the designs are properly arranged and implement on different house designing. The contemporary design ideas for the home exterior is proudly gathered in one collection and shown here in this post. You can effortlessly make a short survey on these designs and can opt. the remarkable one for you.

65 Contemporary Exterior Modern Design Ideas for Home

First of all, check out this brilliantly designed exterior house idea. The modern style house building is very well decorated with LED lights and the appealing architecture. The beautiful exterior design of the house is so attractively surrounded by the elegant landscaped that appears eye-catching.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 1

Another stylish two-story exterior home plan is shown here in the image below. The fascinating use of wood in the architecture of the building is so perfectly raising the charm of the house. The unique flat-stone pathway with the pebbles setting in it looks wonderful at the first impression.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 2

Make your house a paradise-like place for you in this world. You can easily do this with this exceptional exterior decoration plan. The outstanding designing of the house with the metal railing in front appears fabulous. Basically, the beautiful exterior project is shown in the backyard of the house, but nothing wrong if you opt. this one for your house exterior designing.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 3

What is a royal exterior house design introduced here? this fantastic exterior designing is farther adorned with the delightful landscaping and the pool creation. The artistic use of LED lights in the building is creating a lovely environment in the exquisite surrounding of the house.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 4

Are you looking for a ravishing exterior house plan that not only increases the beauty of your building but also provide pleasure to your aesthetic senses? then just go with this idea. The amazing exterior landscaping is very well balancing the attraction power of this design.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 5

Switch your boring lifestyle and feel fresh as well as royal by creating a thought-provoking exterior plan for your house. This beauteous design for the home exterior makes you fall in love with the exceptional work of the designer. The appealing patio deck designing for relaxing is simply raised the value of this project.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 6

How did it look when the stylish house building is surrounded by the pebbles floor? of course, heart-winning! It will appear stunning, just like the exterior house design shown here in the image below. The captivating architecture of the house with stylish glass work looks much comfortable for your beloved family.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 7

Having a large outdoor space at the outdoor of the house is simply a great blessing. As this awesome exterior house plan is artistically making our introduction to the delicate exterior landscaping idea. The adorable look of the exterior architecture and the use of almost all the landscape ideas are making this exterior home plan much attractive.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 8

Give a new look to your house and make it the most admirable place of your house with this excellent exterior home design. It does not always require to have the construction of a new building. But can also make your house looks beautiful by making a little change in its design and with some beauteous renovation ideas.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 9

Have a look at the shown exterior house idea in the picture given below! The excellent designing of the exterior seems done by a professional designer. The lovely mixing and matching of various patterns in one house renovation is all showing the great choice of the resident. The area is so impressively surrounded by greenery.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 10

Here we are showing you another delicate exterior plan for the decoration of your house with numbers of plants and lots of lights. The stylish exterior plan is shown here in the image that is so attractively surrounded by the excellent landscape. By designing in such an impressive way, the designer is providing a great option for outdoor relaxing and dining.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 11

An artistic design for the exterior landscape is added here in the image. The fantastic designing of the house roof with the delicate glass work looks amazing. The wonderful grass lines and the unique landscape edging is also boosting the attraction of this appealing exterior design.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 12

Making an outdoor area comfortable and beautiful for relaxing and spending time with family is the heartiest desire of every homemaker. But the idea is simply impossible without keeping the focus on the exterior designing of the house building. This modern exterior plan is so interestingly surrounded by Peebles and the freshness of plants.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 13

Look at the divine beauty of this exterior plan that is so proudly introduced here for the house makers. Every one wishes to have a beautiful outdoor area for dining and this house renovation is so surprisingly making your all dreams came true with it. The alluring use of landscaping ideas is making this project lovely.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 14

It’s time to enjoy the divine beauty of the green surrounded by prettifying the house exterior in a modern way. The delightful designing of the house exterior will simply make the idea the style statement for your entire area. An outstanding white edging in the windows of the house very well complementing the house beauty.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 15

Here comes up another brilliant design for the exterior design. There is something really different in this idea and that is the fabulous partition of the house. The impressive exterior plan seems the best option for the family who likes to live separately but close to each other.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 16

Catch out the beauteous exterior house design to make every day of your life livable for you. A beautiful house decoration and setting impacts a positive impression on the visitors. That’s why showing your love with beauty is only possible when you have styled your exterior exquisitely.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 17

Some exterior home designs do not require too much adornment of beautifying elements in it. As this modern house building is all beautified with lights and the artistic architecture. The delightful look of the exterior will definitely become your favorite one as your plans to adopt this one for your house.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 18

Whenever we decide to renovate the exterior plan of our beloved place, the best option that we find is the pergola construction. This fantastic exterior house design is wonderfully beautified with climbing plants. This great idea is amazingly adding freshness to this home adornment.

Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 19

A lovely exterior plan is so proudly made a part of the image shown below. The ravishing use of the grey color for the exterior designing is making this house building prominent in all. The use of glass on the windows and some small green plants in the house adornment looks heart-touching.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 20

If you want to become a part of this modern world, it is important for you to make the exterior house design as excellent as you can. The admirable presentation of this exterior idea is just making it a style statement for all area. The unique architecture and use of color scheme is simply breath-taking.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 21

An attractive vibe is so interestingly surrounded this place as the beauty and the adornment of the house is just amazing. The beauteous impression of the exterior house design on your guests will show your care and your love with your living place. Make your time memorable by decorating your house excellently.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 22

Arrange your living place in a different way, by choosing the most inspirational design for the exterior of your house. This beautiful house is very well decorated by a designer. One thing to be noted in all these exterior plans and that is the use of stunning LED lights.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 23

Using the variety of lights in the indoor and the exterior plan of the home brings a majestic attraction in the entire designing. This point is very well clear in this exterior home design as introduced in the picture. Elegant planters and some other plants are adding the character of freshness in this idea.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 24

Designing the exterior plan of the house with the swimming pool creation and the outdoor enjoying arrangement raises the value of the whole house building. This exterior plan is very well ornamented for the large family. You can sit, swim, relax and can feed your aesthetic senses with the beauty of this excellent design.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 25

Turn the humdrum impression of your house by renovating it in a modern way with these contemporary exterior ideas. These ideas are all designed by keeping your desires into consideration. An alluring color scheme and the fabulous use of lights is giving the house a luxurious look.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 26

An elegant exterior designing means a lot in the house decoration. This beautiful house is so adorable renovated that it seems fabulous and eye-catching at the first sight. The fantastic exterior landscaping is so smartly boosting the beauty of this house building as shown here in the image below.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 27

An alluring outlook impression of this exterior house plan will definitely make you fall in love with it’s speaking beauty. The admirable presentation of this outstanding exterior is very well caught in the eye of the camera a professional photographer. You will really find it attractive for your house.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 28

Crafting the exquisite design at the exterior adornment makes the entire house looks adorable. This exterior plan is very well performing its job in raising the grace of the whole surrounding. A dining arrangement with the effective settlement of the outdoor kitchen is smartly increasing the value of this plan.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 29

Here we have another fantastic exterior house design shown in the image. This beauteous idea is perfectly decorated with the wooden pathway that is not only making the unbalanced garden area perfect to enter the house building but also turning the project seems attractive at the first sight.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 30

What is a great color combination of the exterior house plan made here in the picture? The thought-provoking renovation will create attraction in the whole surrounding of the house. The glamorous lights incorporation in the patio is making the seating space just fabulous.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 31

Look at the modern exterior project created by the professional designer. This awesome ornamentation of the house seems luxurious at the first sight. The brilliant idea will for sure provide pleasure to your aesthetic senses as well as make you feel royal at this gorgeous arrangement of the house.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 32

Are you looking for a great exterior designing plan for your three-story house building? then, this one is all presented here for you. The fantastic use of glass and the metal railing is giving this house exterior a brilliant appearance. You can easily opt. this idea for the proper ornamentation of your dreamland.

Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 33

Crafting a beautiful pool area with the fantastic landscaping surrounded it seems the wonderful match in the exterior plan. This exterior designing is simply outstanding. The dining arrangement near the pool is delivering this place best for family gatherings and events.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 34

Change the ordinary outlook of your home sweet home and make it the royal place of your area by designing it with this captivating exterior idea. The exquisite use of LED lights in the roof and the deck is directly increasing the beauty of the house. You can simply settle your seating furniture or dining table at this beautiful outdoor.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 35

Plotting an exceptional exterior house plan with unique planters and landscape have become the trend in latest housing ideas. This artistic architecture of the house with a touch of simplicity in it seems breath-taking. The pathway of the exterior plan is enhancing the charm of this residence.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 36

The glamorous designing for the two-story house exterior is shown here in the beautiful image. The beautiful landscaping lines seem perfect in the front of the house. The delightful incorporation of LED lights in the roof and the deck looks heart-touching. The area seems perfect for outdoor sitting and relaxing.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 37

In the last, but not the least we are here with an amazing design for the exterior beautification. Did you have noticed any difference in this idea? well, in most of the designs the idea is caught at the night but this exterior plan is shown at the broad daylight. That makes this project simply heart-wining.
Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 38


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 39


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 40


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 41


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 42


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 43


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 44


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 45


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 46


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 47


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 48


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 49


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 50


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 51


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 52


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 53


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 54


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 55


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 56


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 57


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 58


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 59


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 60


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 61


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 62


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 63


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 64


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 65


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 66


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 67


Contemporary Exterior Home Ideas 68

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